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Creating unfinished texts / Publicando textos inacabados

Interpretative illness/La enfermedad interpretativa

Interpretative illness should be regarded as a dangerous yet revealing ailment. Those who suffer from it, will try to cope with a world full of meaning, which of course is in itself a stupid idea. The world is full of random combinations of gestures and demeanors, something impossible to engage with. To try to understand the world by interpreting these random small pieces of information would be mad.

However, those holding this illness are people generally inclined to believe that human beings are logical puzzles of feelings, Rubik cubes encoding certain emotions in certain colors, certain gestures.   If you are able to read these colors, then the whole disposition of the persona is open to you. The truth is that a persona’s disposition is hidden in thousands of keyholes, slots that cover the regular frailty of people’s surface. Far from being accesible to knowledge or codification, our management of personas’ puzzles often fails. Like mechanical devices, they gulp our attempts of understanding like fake coins, rolling inside for nothing.




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